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What to do with your alliance

So, you’ve joined an alliance, made some friends, got some free advice and maybe a little lumber. Now, what else can you do with an alliance, besides offer sympathy whenever someone’s attacked?


1)      Form Voltron. Most alliances are content to have all their members somewhere in the same province. Do them one better. Those members with advanced teleports can arrange themselves around those who don’t. Form rings, if you can. Your main cities will be close enough to reinforce each other, and when you build new cities, you can all expand outwards, like spokes on a wheel. The inside cities will then work as troop generators for the outer, expanding, attacking cities. New members can place themselves in between the spokes, gaining protection until they can start their own outward expansion. Do it right and you can overwhelm lesser, uncoordinated alliances.


2)      Exchange addresses. Make sure everybody knows where everybody else is, along with a list of usual on-times. Get together with your close neighbours and set up dates and times when you can all get together and attack in concert. Know who is available at any time to provide reinforcements, lumber, or that one extra wave of troops.


3)      Barn raisings. New members are usually strapped for resources, and vulnerable as they come out of beginner’s protection. Sending them lumber is helpful, but as the saying goes, “teach a man to fish, and he will eat every day.” Those who have a few troops and workers to spare can create NPCs around the beginners, ready to be harvested as soon as the newby is able to attack. Make one of each level up to lvl5, so that he can work his way up, attacking bigger targets as his troop levels increase.