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Evony Quick-Start Guide

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This Evony quick-start guide will get you past the growing pains of the game and into the fun more quickly!

If you don't follow this guide, it is easy to get stuck with no resources in Evony, especially in the beginning. No one likes to get stuck, neither in quicksand nor in Evony!


In 5 minutes you will have 200 prestige and more resources than you started with (Step 12).

In one hour you will be a Lieutenant with 1400 prestige and four times your original resources (Step 47).

By Step 60 you will be a Knight with 2100 prestige and a lot of resources!

Let the Games Begin

Visit http://old.evony.com/

Create an account on the newest server and login.

Click on your favorite state. 
They are all the same, differing only in name.

If your friends are playing, tell them to pick the same state so your cities will be nearby.

Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

At this point the game starts! 

1. Click Quest button 
Daily Quest tab, Get reward

2. Build Cottage level 2 
Speed it up

(Speed it up by clicking on the green tab beside the name. Free and instant speed up)

3. Build Inn 
Speed it up

Click City

4. Build Farm
Speed it up

5. Build Sawmill 
Speed it up

6. Build Quarry 
Speed it up

7. Build Ironmine
Speed it up

Turn in quest

8. Build Sawmill level 2 
Speed it up

9. Build 3 Cottages level 2 
Speed it up

10. Build Rally Spot
Speed it up

11. Build Barracks 
Speed it up

Turn in quest

12. Build Feasting Hall 
Wait for it to complete

A good time is 3-5 minutes 
The record is 0:01:29

At this point you should have about 200 Prestige, 7300 Food, 3950 Lumber, 5750 Stone, 7300 Iron -- pat yourself on the back!

While waiting 
13. Do 10 push-ups because exercise is good for you!

14. Click Overview, Levy and choose Stone 
15. Click Overview, Comforting and choose Praying 
Turn in quest

16. Train 10 Workers in your Barracks

17. Click Overview and set the Production of all four resources to 100 
Turn in quest

18. Click Overview and set the Tax Rate to 20% 
Turn in quest

19. Click Overview and rename your city 
Turn in quest

20. Click your portrait and change your flag 
Turn in quest

21. Click the Wheel of Fortune (the roulette in the bottom-left corner), then Apply 
Turn in quest

22. When Feasting Hall finishes 
Turn in quest

23. Recruit hero from Inn 
Turn in quest

24. Appoint him mayor in Feasting Hall 
Turn in quest

Note: Check the Inn periodically - if a hero with at least 10 higher Politics is available, replace your current hero with him. Higher politics reduces construction time and increases resource production!

25. Build Marketplace 
Turn in quest

26. Train 10 Warriors in your Barracks

27. Build Town Hall level 2 
Turn in quest

28. Levy Lumber 
Comfort with Disaster Relief

29. Build Embassy 
Turn in quest

30. Build Academy 
Turn in quest

31. Research Lumbering

32. Build Warehouse 
Turn in quest

33. Research Agriculture

34. Build Ironmine level 2 
Speed it up

35. Build Ironmine level 3

36. Build Forge 
Speed it up 
Turn in quest

37. Build Forge level 2

38. Research Military Science

39. Build Workshop 
Turn in quest

40. Build Quarry level 2
Speed it up

Note: If you get stuck, Levy the missing resource

41. Build Walls 
Turn in quest

42. Build Beacon Tower 
Turn in quest

43. Build Beacon Tower level 2 
Turn in quest

44. Build Beacon Tower level 3 
Turn in quest

45. Build Town Hall level 3 
Turn in quest

46. Build Walls level 2 
Turn in quest

47. Click Gift icon in top-left corner 
Claim Newbies Package and Package for Lords 
Click My Items, Chest tab 
Open both packages by clicking Detail, then Apply

At this point you should be a Lieutenant with about 1400 Prestige, 35000 Food, 15000 Lumber, 20000 Stone, 25000 Iron

  48. Build Farm level 2 
Speed it up

49. Build 6 Sawmill level 3 
Speed it up

50. Build 3 Quarry level 3 
Speed it up

Continue building up 10 Sawmill level 3 and 7 Quarry level 3 
Build cottages to keep population from going red

51. Build Academy level 2 when resources allow 
Turn in quest

52. Research Masonry

53. Build Barracks level 2 
Turn in quest

54. Research Mining

55. Build Academy level 3 
Turn in quest

56. Research Informatics 
Speed it up

57. Research Military Tradition

58. Train 10 Scouts in your Barracks

59. Build Barracks level 3 
Turn in quest

60. Train 10 Pikemen

At this point you should be a Knight with about 2100 Prestige, 40000 Food, 15000 Lumber, 7500 Stone, 10000 Iron

61. Build Marketplace level 2

Maximize all your production squares with Sawmills
Keep only one farm, one quarry and one ironmine 
Always sell your lumber and buy the other resources (lumber is the most expensive resource) 
It is the Walmart model of maximizing profit per square foot!

62. Start buying and selling resources

63. Create your second city 
To see how, hover over the city icon in the bottom-right corner next to the Buy button

To conquer a Flat (where your new city will be), train an army of 200 warriors 
Click Map and attack the closest level 1 or 2 Flat

In your second city

64. Build Rally Spot 
Speed it up

65. Move your 250 workers back to your home city 
Click Map 
Select your home city 
Click Reinforce 
Send all workers home

66. When they return, go to your home city 
Click Map 
Select your new city 
Click Transport 
Select all your workers 
Send equal amounts of lumber, stone and iron, resources your new city needs to grow

In your second city

67. Build Cottage level 2 
Speed it up

68. Build Inn 
Speed it up

69. Build Feasting Hall

70. Reinforce one high-politics hero from your home city to your new city

71. Maximize your production squares as before

72. Build Town Hall level 2

73. Build Academy 
Without an Academy, you don't get the food and lumber science bonus

74. Build Academy level 2 
Without an Academy level 2, you don't get the stone and iron bonus

75. Build Town Hall level 3 
This opens up new resource squares 
Click City and build on the new squares

See the Evony Theory Crafting section for more advanced strategies.

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