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Evony is a free online web browser MMO game that allows you to build your own empire, launch fights against other players and trade properties.

Evony: Age I is owned exclusively by Evony, LLC, an independent video game developer and publisher based in Delaware, USA.


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Evony is a delayed realtime strategy game where players must wait for actions to complete, but everything happens in realtime, even when you are offline.

Evony officially launched on May 6 2009. Just one week later, on May 14 2009, they reported 500,000 active accounts.

By Jun 1 2009, Evony doubled their server count from 6 to 12 and began releasing one new server every day. On June 5, they released six new servers at the same time, three more on June 7 and three more on June 9, bringing to total to 26 servers.

By Sep 1 2009, Evony grew to 7 million players and 90 servers.

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