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10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Player

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Following these easy tips can help you be a better player while decreasing the work you have to do on the game each day.

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1. Use the Beginner's protection to the best that you can. I had an alliance member who created an alternate account that he got up to 200k prestige before the 7 day protection ran out.
2. Join an alliance. Preferably a big one.
3. Help others out when they are being attacked. When you are in need they will flock towards you.
4. Have NO warehouses in your cities. If you are worried about being farmed by a higher prestige player maybe your should teleport or join an alliance that is allied with his or her alliance.
5. Try to have 1 of every building except for 5 to 8 cottages and the rest of the spots in your city should be barracks.
6. With a high barracks to cottages ratio, you may have to drop your production rates to make up for the low population while building troops only. Then put it back up as soon as you are done.
7. Keep a high politics hero as mayor at almost all times. His politics decreases building times and gives your a production boost. Use an Attack hero when you are making troops then you can switch as soon as they are in the queues. And use a high intelligence hero as your researcher.
8. Keep troops in the barracks. A key to dominating your area is to have high troops.
9. When trying to take a city, use cavalry, they travel about 2.5 times faster than archers and take not much longer to make.
10. Have fun on the game. Don't take the game as a high priority over your life.