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Get the Best Hero

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First off, it should be noted that having a high lvl inn increases the chance of u getting a better hero.  Other suggestions we have heard include: using 1 lvl 1 Inn for all my 10 cities and hire/fire until you get ones that are either a lvl 67/68/69 attribute if they were a lvl 1 hero.

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So if you were looking for political leader and he was a lvl 3 hero and had a political attribute of 71 then he would be a 69 at lvl 1 and that is about as good as it gets. In hiring over 1000 of them I did find 1 lvl 1 hero with an attack of 70 but feel lucky if I can get a 69 attack lvl 1 hero and settle for a 67/68 lvl 1 hero.

Also, and perhaps equally importantly, we have heard from many sources that using a High Poli. Hero to attack low level valleys will bring back better heroes.

Other comments include:

Use level 1 inn

a) recruit and dismiss heroes until you find what you need (60+ base stat but sometimes you find 65+ and there are 70 base heroes too!)

b) demolish inn (yay! use dynamite!) and rebuild.  This means only 1-3 min (demolish time use FREE speed up to build back the inn) per hero and you get them much cheaper.

High level inn is only good if you were lucky and won 5 holy water package from wheel. There is an easy way to find out what around the hero higher base stat

highter stat - (hero level-1)/3

50% of the times you get this or highter basic stat and 90+% of the times the basic stat highter than ~highter stat - (hero level-1)/2

You can obtain those high level heroes from valleys or high level inn but I suggest just those who have lot holy water others need to train up those low level heroes.

As always, please feel free to contribute your thoughts and experiences to contribute@evonypedia.com