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A little more information about how you get some honor and how you lose it
To get honor:
1- attack city with low amount of troops and win you will get lots of honor if you do this.
2- defend your city if you win (you will get lots of honor) if you lose (you will get honor but not too much (not sure cause I have never lost up until now).
3- some people believe that if you send your army to conquer valley or to plunder some one and some one attacks you while you are in this mission you may get lots and lots of honor if your troops get back to your city at the same time that the attackers arrive.
4- hitting a player with high prestige and winning brings honor as well.
How you lose honor:
1- attack someone with huge army and losing all your troops make you lose lots and lots of honor.
2- attack someone with huge army while he can't defend himself make you lose some honor
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While browsing in the map view looking for valleys to attack, selecting a valley will give detailed info about the valley. If another lord already owns this valley you might see in the detailed view that, the stat Honor will have a number next to it. This is the honor of the lord that controls that valley.
Honor also plays a part in determining the wounded percentage after an attack. The the lower your opponent's honor compared to yours the lower your wounded percentage will be (to a minimum of 10%), while the higher your opponents honor is compared to yours the higher this will be (up to a maximum of 50%). This normally works both ways so if you are defending the same mechancs will normally take place.

Here is an example of lower honor. I sent 100 cavalry to two separate lords cities with the same hero. I had 200k prestige and 1 million honor.
The first city had 400k prestige and 84k honor:


As you can see I had a much higher honor than him and only recovered 10% of my troops.

In the second city my opponent had 1200k prestige and 2 million honor.


As you can see my opponent had much more honor than me and therefore I healed 30% of my troops.