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One of your Heroes should be chosen as Mayor of your City.  Pay attention to the attributes when choosing.  Here are some stats to help you in deciding which Hero you should choose:
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  • Politics will give you a 1% increased production for each point of politics
  • Politics reduces Construction times as well (Base time x 0.995 ^ Politics) x 0.9 ^ Construction level
  • As an attacking hero, Politics will help lower opposing loyalty.
  • Attack reduces troop recruitment time. Time after research improvements x 0.995 ^ Attack
  • Attack will increase your defending troops' success in battle.
  • As an attacking hero, attack increases your Success in attacking others.
  • Intelligence lowers the time it takes you to research something in the Academy. Base time x 0.995 ^ Intelligence
  • Intelligence makes it harder for your enemy to scout you
  • As an attacking hero, intelligence increases your ability to scout others
  • Intelligence increases the chance of receiving a medal when attacking a valley of NPC city
  • If you capture an opponent's hero in a battle, giving that hero gold will persuade him/her to join your forces.
  • Giving the Hero medals and more gold will increase loyalty after they have been persuaded.
  • Initially the new Hero will join your forces with 0 loyalty. See Reward Button section in the Feasting Hall.
  • This is simply ( 20 x Hero's Level ) gold per hour
Formulas for maximizing effectiveness of your Hero as Mayor:
  • Production: Base production x [(Mayor Politics / 100) + 1]
  • Construction: (Base time x 0.995 ^ Mayor Politics) x 0.9 ^ Construction level (from accademy)
  • Unit Training: Time after improvements x 0.995 ^ Mayor Attack
  • Research: Base time x 0.995 ^ Mayor Intelligence
The last three show diminishing returns, suggesting that a mayor is better to have a good mix than being particularly strong in one aspect.
Or even better is to have a couple of heroes who are strong in each category. The time for research, construction, and training are set when you initially buy it. If you change your mayor after starting unit training, for example, the time needed for the units stays the same. So keep you high politics mayor in place until you go to train, switch to you main attack guy, buy the units, and switch back to your politician. This will allow you to maximize each purchase.