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Perfect 10

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Gaining Superior; Economic power, Military Honor and Rapid Empire growth, but lvl 10 style!

Firstly you must have a powerful city to begin with, so unfortunately is relies on centralisation of power, at least for the first part of this tactic.

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The only thing you need to do this is a short list of buildings required to be able to build a lvl 10 Town Hall, this list is as follows; Levelled every so often, preferably at the right times, i.e.: ASAP, to meet the prerequisites of a lvl 10 town hall which is all of this at lvl 9 min., do this for a Quarry, Iron Mine, Forge, Workshop, Walls and lastly Town Hall.

Now, with having a strong city already (so that you can support the Army necessary for this to work), preferably everything being lvl 9, raise a massive force, during this time please make sure that you have 2 colony cities growing as well to gain the resources needed, use you free Michelangelo’s script, get one of your colony cities to a lvl 10 town hall, withdraw everything you can from it. Then abandon it!* Thus creating a lvl 10 NPC which as we all know, they have every building and a pre-set model of a perfect city, which everything at wait for it..... lvl 10.

Once this is done immediately send your entire, massive army;

Levels of Academic Research**


Recommended research levels are:

Archery                         level: 10

Military tradition            level: 10

Iron working                  level: 10

Logistics                       level: 10

Compass                      level: 10

Medicine                       level: 10


 The Attacking Force 

The most reliable source mention is the article on Farming Level 10 NPC’s, which states that an army of an equivalent size to this will be needed, please anyone if you could send me a battle report link so a picture to go in to proves the best strategy of attack, that would be most appreciated

1000     Swordsman

1000     Warriors

1000     Pikeman

2500     Transporters

94500   Archers

Then attack then using your one remaining, or how ever many remaining satellite cities you may have, and Scout Spam them one scout at a time but from everywhere, thus maximising the effectiveness of the assault and stratagem. Then when the loyalty is low enough i.e.: 0, then you will conquer a city with every building at lvl 10, the perfect way to have a supercastle, with little painstaking effort, just takes awhile to build up the infrastructure necessary to implement the idea, this can be repeated hundreds of times, if you own 2 lvl 10 cities you can control 18 valleys in total but then if you controlled all of your 9 city allowance as a Furstin or higher  with lvl 10 cities then you could control 81 valleys, you could literally build your own progressively expansive, okay yes there is a limit but 81 valleys in this game is alot (the map isn’t that big!), empire based either solely in cities or even having nice wood valleys, lakes etc. All you need to do is figure out a way of getting more Michelangelo’s script’s to do this.

*To abandon a city go to your main city, click Overview, open Cities tab, then press the abandon button next to the relevant city.

**It should be duly noted that your research levels affect your loses in battle drastically and will serve you for the rest of ‘insert empire name here’ Empire’s life, so worth waiting for.


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