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Summary Notes

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Important Evony notes, summarized!


Population is effected by two main things, the number and level of your cottages (this determines your population limit) and by your loyalty rating.

Loyalty, though it can be effected by other things such as attacks, is primarily based on your tax rate: the higher your tax rate the lower your loyalty.The basic formula for determining what your stable population will be is (population limit) * (Loyalty/100). For example, if you have a population limit of 100 and loyalty of 90 it would be 100*(90/100), and so your stable population would be 90.

Flag Color

Gold is yours.
Green: Others in your alliance.
Blue: People in an alliance with whom you are friendly.
Red: An alliance with whom you are hostile.
Grey: Anyone who is not in one of the above.


The first thing to know is that the number of valleys you can have is determined by your town hall level, the higher your town hall the more valleys you can have. Second, valley levels change periodically and without notice, so it may be a good idea to check the valley you are attacking when your troops are about 1 minute out and make sure that the level 1 valley you thought you were attacking is not now a level 10. Also keep in mind that valleys provide benefits to the city from which you sent the conquering troops, not your entire empire.

How to build a new city

You must have the following to build a new city: 10,000 of all resources, including gold, 250 workers, a flat, and the title of knight (or higher for more cities). It is a common mistake for first time city builders to send their workers to the flat and then try to build the city, the workers and all resources must stay in the original city for city building to be successful. Also after the first city is built another promotion is necessary to build future cities. For an in game guide look to the bottom right of your screen for a small graphic of a walled city, move your mouse over it and it will give you the requirements you must meet to build your next city.

Can I get coins without paying?

The only other way to get coins is by using the daily amulet. If you have recieved a iEvony invite code, you can invite people to the game. 10 invites gives you 1 cent with a maximum of 1500 credits (150 Coins).

Alliance Rank

Member: Quit Alliance
Officer: Invite, Pending Application, Resignation, Quit Alliance
Presbyter: Invite, Pending Application, Permission, Resgination, Quit Alliance
Vice Host: Invite, Pending Application, Permission, Introduction, Diplomacy, Group Message Resgination, Quit Alliance
Host: all the above, plus Relinquish Host

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