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When a City is Full

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When a city has no more room for construction, don't worry! You can re-engineer your city to make room for new buildings.

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Every building (except your town hall) can be downgraded one level at a time or demolished instantly in dynamite.
  1. Downgrading an Evony building one level recovers some resources, but takes time

  2. Demolishing an Evony building with dynamite destroys it instantly, but no resources are recovered

Destroying Evony Buildings

To downgrade or demolish a structure, click any building in your Evony city. 

You will see

Click the little red circle with a line through it.

You will see

"Completely Demolish" will use one dynamite and instantly destroy the building but recover no resources.

"Demolish By One Level" will downgrade the building by one level and recover resources.

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